PLC Vendors Ride out 19.1% Market Contraction

Global PLC revenues in 2009 were down by an estimated 19.1% compared with 2008, reducing the world market for PLCs and directly associated software and services to $7.8 billion, according to IMS Research's recently published report, "The Worldwide Market for PLCs -- 2009 Edition," which predicts that the market will not recover to its 2008 level until the second half of 2012.

No regional market has escaped unscathed, but EMEA, the largest market for PLCs, has been the most badly affected by the downturn, principally because the most important national market within EMEA, Germany, suffered the largest contraction during the global recession. Germany is also forecast to be slower to recover than elsewhere, at least until the middle of 2010. Conversely, market contraction was least marked in Asia and that market is forecast to grow the fastest between 2008 and 2013, with revenues growing at an average of 6.0% compound. Driving the Asian market are improved prospects in China and India, in part reflecting a substantial macroeconomic stimulus, and a faster than expected turnaround in capital flows.

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Fanuc CNC, Siemens CNC

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